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Roundabout, Turnabout - Chapter 6/? 
24th-May-2009 03:36 am
edward approves

Title: Roundabout, Turnabout (6/?)
Klassisa Vernette
Rated: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella, all canon pairings
Summary: Edward Cullen was horny, and wanted a fuck. And he would get it by all means. But what happens when a mysterious brown-eyed girl comes along? Will he still have the same mindset as before? Or will she change his life forever?
Warnings: Contains explicit adult content and should only be viewed by adults.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight franchise and am making no money from writing this. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Note: Sorry about the mix up, guys. I don’t know how it happened, but I guess I wrote this in the wrong chronological order. This is the same biology encounter as Chapter 2, but in BPOV. Everything should be back on track after this chapter. And so so so sorry for the long wait. I tried making this chapter a bit longer to make up for it. Enjoy!


The hall was still empty by the time I reached my locker. I had chosen to leave my lunch period early because quite frankly, I didn’t know what I wouldn’t do if I had stayed in that room. I was still feeling a bit tingly from the mere sight of such gorgeous man-flesh.

His copper-tinted hair was aching to be touched, calling to my trembling fingers all the way across the room. I had found myself licking my chapped lips on multiple occasions just from the thought of his luscious full ones. The thought of what those lips could do…

I shuddered silently.

“Edward,” I sighed to myself, liking the way his named rolled off my tongue. “Edward. Edward Cullen.” I pulled myself together and began my way towards Biology, noting that I still had five minutes to spare.

“I can’t fucking believe him!” cried a shrill voice, followed by a splash of water.

I stopped dead in my tracks. This is new. The noise was coming from the girls’ bathroom, the one place I’ve avoided for the majority of the day. Only God knows what’s been going on in there, and I’ll bet you ten CD’s that it had nothing to do with an actual toilet.

“I can’t fucking believe him!” screeched the same voice, louder.

Finally! I grinned with glee, clapping my hands like a little kid. Something juicy! I pressed my back up against the wall, Spiderman style, and glued my ear to the door.

“Lauren,” sighed a gentle voice. “Are you sure this is necessarily a bad thing?”

“Yes,” Lauren snapped. “I have been at the top of Edward’s list since the beginning of our senior year, Angela. You know how hard I’ve worked to get there!”

I clamped a hand over my mouth to keep from gasping. Edward? List? What the fuck?

“Lauren, the guy uses you like a cocaine addict.”

“I know. That’s why it pisses me off.”

“Wait, I’m confused.”

Lauren sighed dramatically from behind the closed door.

“Edward comes to me for everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything his precious manhood desires. Everything.”


“So how do you imagine I felt when I walked in on him this morning, in this very spot, being sucked on by another girl?”

I inwardly groaned. I could almost see Lauren stand there glaring at poor Angela with one hand on her hip, drilling her with stupid, pointless, rhetorical questions.

“Who was the other girl?” Angela asked.

“Jessica Stanley, of ALL people!” Lauren sniffed.

I gasped aloud this time. Stanley? I was sure my jaw reached the floor at that moment. Stanley… was blowing Edward Cullen? This MORNING?!?! What the fuck?

“Shhhh,” hushed Lauren. “Someone’s outside!”

Before the girls could even breathe, I hightailed it out of there, running like a bat out of hell down the hall towards my next class. I had just acquired a whole shitload of information in a very short amount of time, and quite frankly, my mind was going on cruise control at the moment.

When I neared the entrance to my classroom, I slowed down my frantic running in hopes of slowing down my racing my mind.

I should be disgusted.

I should be revolted.

I should be transferring to another school.

But all I knew were three things:

First, Edward was a slut. A man-whore, if you will. I guess Stanley was actually telling the truth when she said he was the resident whore of this town. Of course, she would know. She was one of his clients.

Second, he was out of my league. Obviously, he wasn’t that far off if Stanley, of all people, got to him, but judging by his looks and company, he still had more money, friends, and reputation than I could ever dream of possessing. Although I have to say, I do have one hell of a mean streak to make up for what I lack. Like they say, it’s always the quiet ones…

And third, I didn’t give a fuck. If anything, I was even more attracted to him than before, if that were even possible. I was out of my mind with lust, and I wanted to bone him with every fiber of my being. I didn’t really know why, nor was I positive if any excuse was justifiable, but the growing pool of wetness in my panties paid enough evidence to shut me up.

Maybe it was because he wasn’t your typical high school jock.

Or popular kid.

Or rich kid.

Or general hunk.

No, I smiled to myself. He’s a bona fide James Dean reincarnation.

I dragged myself into my AP Biology class, still rearing from the after effects of cloud nine. I gave my permission slip to the teacher with a bemused expression, not really acknowledging anything he was saying until he pointed towards the table at the back of the classroom.

That was when I finally snapped out of it. The table had only two seats. Correction – only one seat.

Because lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sexonlegsward himself was sitting in the other seat. He had the same disheveled post-sex look he always seemed to possess along with his signature smirk gracing his godlike face. To top it off, he even had the same Ray-Bans on from this morning. He sat there with his arms crossed, his long, jean-clad legs casually propped up on the other seat.

My seat.

I gulped. Suddenly, all the courage from just a few moments ago vanished. I was scared shitless. I was pretty sure I had an idiotic expression on my face as I stood rooted in the middle of the classroom. The teacher, Mr. Banner, cleared his throat loudly, urging me to hurry my ass up. After what seemed like a long slow motion black and white movie, I finally reached the table, only to be left with a new dilemma. What the fuck do I do now?

He appeared to be sleeping. Mustering up whatever courage my coward of a person had left, I reached over the desk between us and softly tapped on his shoulder. One of his muscled lean arms untangled from its rested position. His beautiful pale hand crept up to his face, lowering his Ray-Bans as he glared at me.

I froze at the sight of his emerald eyes. They were beautiful. Never had a man’s eyes captured me so completely and wholly – it was terrifying. His eyes commanded my attention, my being, my all. As they glared at me, I shit you not, they smoldered. I mean, it was bad enough that his body looked good enough to eat. Now his eyes?

As I continued to stare at them, I felt like I was drinking in every emotion that those eyes were offering me. God damn it, it tasted better than sparkling apple cider, my favorite drink. No, he was his own flavor – Sparkling Emerald Cider. I completely lost track of what I was doing as I ogled him, happily sipping on my new favorite drink.

“What?” he snarled, snapping me out of my daze.

Shit. Even when he was pissed off, he was hot. There was seriously something wrong with me. I lowered my eyes to the table, terrified to make eye contact with him.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” I said in whatever voice I could manage. “But there aren’t any seats left.”

He looked at me incredulously. Shit shit shit! What do I do? What do I do???

He continued to stare at me as his eyes started to roam. I felt my face blush with every second his eyes lingered.

And linger they did. Apparently, they’d taken quite a liking to my girls. As they began to harden through my thin blue tank top, it also became apparent that they took a liking to him as well. When his eyes finally met mine again, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest.

He smiled at me. He had chosen to flash me a heart-stopping and dazzling crooked smile that left me feeling dizzy. I felt my knees began to turn wobbly. Luckily, Edward took his legs off the chair right as I fell into it, saving me from further embarrassment.

I quickly pulled my hair over my shoulder, creating a curtain between us. I was more than sure my face was beet red… not exactly how I wanted to make my first impression on Edward. He didn’t exactly help the issue either – he leaned in closer.

Wait, did he just sniff me?

“So,” he began in what probably was the most seductive voice I had ever heard. “You’re Bella.”

I snapped my head up. He knew my name.

“Um, yes,” I answered nervously. “How did you know?”

“A friend of mine told me about you. Alice.” He smirked.

Thank you, GOD! If anything, Edward hearing about me from Alice was probably the best thing I could ask for at the moment. Other than him. Obviously.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool. How do you know her?”

“You really want to know?” He leaned in closer, breathing his sweet crisp-winter-air breath on me. Honestly, I think that’s his superpower or something. His breath alone disabled any and all speech ability I had.

I could only nod.

“I fucked her and now my best friend’s fucking her,” he replied in that same velvet voice.

Oh God, Alice too? I felt my face grow crimson again as he chuckled at me. Luckily, Mr. Banner had chosen that moment to start his lesson, distracting both Edward and me enough to compose myself. Unfortunately, as the lecture dragged on, I realized that I had already learned it back in Phoenix, rendering it useless as any kind of distraction. Great, I inwardly groaned. Just great.

I tried to be a good student by taking notes, but having Edward so close to me was crippling. I couldn’t concentrate, even if my life depended on me. Throughout the course of the period, I caught him looking at me on numerous occasions, as he was doing now. He also paid the girls multiple visits as well. I looked down at myself. Yep, still hard and perky.

Time seemed to drag and fly at the same time. I dreaded the end of the period because that signaled the end of my time with Edward, but I also welcomed it because, well, it would mean I’d stop getting tortured by him. Tortured. Right. Towards the end of class, I finally started concentrating enough to write down the homework assignment. I was so intent on focusing on my task at hand, I didn’t realize that my curtain of hair had fallen back into place.

Suddenly, I felt a movement next to my ear – it was Edward.

I froze in my spot. He had taken those gorgeous fingers of his and tucked my hair behind my ear, grazing my cheek in its course. Before I could even think of moving, he leaned in, placing his lips a mere inch away from my ear.

“I’m Edward Cullen,” he whispered in that crushed velvet voice, a wicked Cheshire Cat smile lighting up his face. “And you’re stuck with me for the rest of the year.”

As if on cue, the bell rang the exact moment he stood up. My ass, unfortunately, was glued to the seat. I tried to get up, but my fucking ear was still tingling from his breath. His fucking breath had this effect on me. How the hell was the rest of my body supposed to function? Honestly, was this guy trying to kill me?

I was completely speechless. My jaw snapped to the floor as I watched him quietly leave the room without a single glance, slipping his Ray-Bans back on as he walked out with what quite possibly was the cockiest grin ever known to mankind.

“Smooth Motherfucker,” I whispered in awe.

As I quietly collected my belongings, I realized that, among the many events that happened during that class, I had collected quite a fair bit of useful information.

First, Edward knew his game, and he knew it well. From each spoken word to every smirk, from each look down to the very breath, he knew what he was doing. This motherfucker knew everything.

Second, I was onto his game. I don’t think he knew, but I was onto him. Unlike the majority of Forks’ inhabitants, I actually had a brain. I’m not going to be tooled like the rest of the girls he’s been with. Two can play at this game. If he wants it, he’s going to have to work for it.

Lastly, I had never been so turned on by a man as much as he did me, which completely contradicts my main reasoning for not jumping his bones. It was utterly mind-blowing how easy it came to me, almost like second nature. Just the very breath of him literally made me near orgasm. Yeah, he’s that good.

Oh, and one more thing? Edward liked my tits. A lot. So, I’m promoting them to Second in Command. Both of them. The girls deserved a raise after that debacle. I have a feeling they’re going to come in handy in the near future. When he strikes, we’ll be ready.

Bring it, Cullen!

Sooooo I haven't slept in two days because I was writing this for you all.
Bella horny = Bella confident. Simple equation.
Reviews are <3!
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